In this video of triple chocolate pudding recipe, a shot of Baileys is added to whipped cream. Other than Baileys, what can I add to the cream?

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    do you want something non-alcoholic? Or is some other alcoholic beverage acceptable? – Sam Holder Jul 28 '10 at 15:17
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    Are you after an alternative for any parrticualr reason. Almost any liquor can be added to cream dending on your favourite. – Ian Turner Jul 28 '10 at 15:18

If you're looking for alcoholic alternatives then you could use O'Mara's or some other brand (see Wikipedia for a good list). A light coffee liquer could also serve as a workable alternative.

On the non-alcoholic side, Irish Cream flavored coffee creamers would work well.

Coffee syrups like Monin's or Torani's also have Irish Cream flavors. I personally like Monin syrups because they're all natural.


Pretty much any flavored liquid. Grand Marnier, bourbon, vanilla vodka, mint syrup, cherry liquer. Non-alcohol coffee syrups might be an easy flavoring option. Most cafes/starbucks sell them.


If the alcohol isn't a problem, you could mix some Irish Whiskey with cream and sugar to approximate Bailey's.


Anything. It's just a flavoring agent. If you're alcohol averse, I'd try some mint syrup (if you use mint extract, you'll still be getting some alcohol).


I have found a more delicious option which is far less expensive than Baileys:

Ryan's Irish Cream Liqueur

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