When "slow cooking" a certain recipe, I need to keep a lid on the pot, or the sauce slowly but surely splashes all over the place.

However, with the lid on, the sauce retains much more water than I like.

How can I boil away the excess water, or otherwise make the sauce less watery, without incurring significant extra cleaning?

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If, when reducing a sauce, you are getting splashing outside the pot, your pot may be too small for the application. Use a larger pot: a wider base will allow more surface area for evaporation, and higher sides will make it harder for the content to get out.

You can also purchase a splatter guard, which is like a flat sieve or mesh that you can place over the top of the pot to reduce splatter without blocking air flow

enter image description here

although these are more typically used to reduce the splatter from frying.


Partially cover your pot with its lid. To keep the lid partially open, you can put a wooden-spoon, or other non-metallic utensil is the pot so the lid rests on it.

Like so: http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6064/6052520487_75d3e74455_z.jpg


You can also partially put the lid on so it covers the top but allows the steam to escape. If the splatter is violent, turn the heat down a bit so the bubbles are less energetic, but still present.

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