I am going to try making wasabi peas despite a dearth of recipes online. I've read the list of ingredients of several brands, most (including my favorite) contain glutinous rice flour. Others contain rice flour, still others only tapioca and/or corn starch.

My favorite wasabi peas have a very crunchy coating that really looks like it should contain egg whites, but doesn't. Wasabi Peas I've never achieved a coating like that on anything using any starch I'm familiar with, so I'm wondering if glutinous rice flour is key?

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I haven't tried either but I found this, which seems helpful:

"there is a big difference between the two..where i come from.(malaysia).we use rice flour to make banana fritters (deep fried in rice flour batter thus giving it a crispy crunchy batter) while glutinous rice flour will give a sticky texture..u cant deep fry the batter but its normally used to make sweet desserts where u boil the cakes in boiling water..when they are cooked they will float and voila... "

I found this recipe online that uses egg whites for the coating. The recipe says wasabi peanuts but picture is of wasabi peas.


Glutinous rice flour won't give crunch, it is rather chewy, is used for desserts like mochi. I would try tapioca flour or corn starch but definitely not glutinous.

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