I made some beef jerky, and I am wanting to mail some to family and friends. I don't have any of those silica gel packets to absorb moisture - is there anything else I can put in the baggie that will absorb any moisture as effectively as those silica gel packets?


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There are several options:

  • wrap jerky in paper napkins/towels before putting in the baggie
  • put jerky in a paper bag and then in a plastic one
  • put some uncooked rice, as Optionparty has mentioned

The method you choose also depends on how long it takes the mail to be delivered. Rice is the most long-lasting way, but it will also add the most weight to the package. Paper bags and towels are equally effective, but they won't do for longer than a few days.

Whichever you do, make sure the baggie is well closed to prevent any moisture from outside getting in.


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