I read a lot about preserved lemons (TLDR: quarter them, and keep them in a mix of lemon juice and salted/brined water for 10-30 days), and I'm trying it with limes. But...

Two things concern me about my current mixture:

  • The lime skin, which was a nice vibrant green, is turning a dark greenish (almost brown) colour
  • In some places, the colour leeched off entirely and it's white (like the inside of the rind

Am I doing this right, or is this starting to rot?

I brined them in a combination of salt, water, and lemon juice for about three or four days prior to noticing this. Now (another four days later), they're even more dull-coloured.

(I don't have a picture, sorry. On closer inspection, the dark green/brown looks like it's fading.)

  • Can you tell us a little bit more? What does your brine consist of and what method are you using exactly? How many days in are the limes? – Deirdra Strangio Mar 26 '14 at 21:39

I have since sliced them open, and they seem to be doing okay.

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