My friend just gave me two lovage leaves and I am planning on making chicken soup (from bouillon crystals) with it. My question is how much lovage should I put in? Also should I leave them whole, chop them or crush them....

Update: I was thinking about throwing it in the soup like I understand you would a bay leaf. How long should it be in the soup. What ratio lovage to broth amount. Should the leaves be whole, chopped, crushed..

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I would shred one or both leaves (depending on size) and garnish the soup right before eating it.


Lovage is used like parsley, not like bay leaf. Just season with the fresh leaves, minced or roughly chopped, towards the end of cooking.

As for an amount, I can't give you that much guidance. It is a strong-smelling herb, so use it more sparingly than parsley or mint. You can always add more if you don't find it enough.

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