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How long will beet stock be good in the fridge and is it obvious (odor or otherwise) if it's bad. I've had this beet stock for a while and I want to drink it but I'm a little nervous. It smells fine and looks fine.

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  • How long exactly have you had it, and how was it made? Can you provide a picture? – logophobe May 30 '14 at 3:18
  • For everything cooked (unless following a special recipe intended for preservation), the fridge shelf life is 3-5 days. See the attached quesiton; we don't want to repeat this for every single food item one can cook. – rumtscho May 31 '14 at 23:15

Beet stock (the cooking liquor left over after boiling beetroot) contains plenty of nutrients, and hence it's a good breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

I would treat it like cooked vegetables, and throw it on the compost heap (or down the drain) if not consumed after a week in the fridge.

Of course it could be preserved for longer if steps were taken to combat mould/bacteria:

  • reduced to a syrup, perhaps with added sugar
  • with lots of added salt, as in a pickling brine
  • sterilised in an airtight container

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