My small kid used a metal bowl in a microwave oven and there was a spark. I immediately switched off the oven.

There was a burnt mark on the left side of the oven. Though the microwave oven switches on (Light is one), I am not sure if it actually works.

Will the microwave oven in general work even after such spark and burnt ?

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The spark was a voltage jumping over a gap somewhere. This may occur again, but so long as the magnetron survives, you should be okay. The problem with sparks is they can leave a carbon trail deep inside which is conductive and may actually make the next spark occur at a slightly lower voltage. If this happens enough, you will eventually (or shortly) damage the unit and make it unusable.

I actually work as a product safety consultant and I can say, so long as you have an approved product (CSA, UL, ETL, or TUV) this sort of fault was actually tested. You should be a safe enough and not start a fire.


I haven't had this problem thankfully, but I would think that if it seems to function ok, then you can continue using it. After a bit of research I also found this:

I accidentally put something metal in my friend's microwave about 3 years ago. The metal was covered in plastic so I didn't realize what I was doing. The smell was really bad, but to this day, the microwave works.

My mom's microwave was having a problem where it would not turn off. The other day, she was on the phone and forgot about it, and burned something up in the microwave. Now it won't even heat water. So, she had to throw her's out.

I guess the microwave is okay if it still works.

AND a similar one here:

The metal isn't going to hurt the food in any way, the food should be fine. As long as the microwave seems to function properly, it should be ok, as well. I have accidentally left utensils in the microwave before and the appliance didn't sustain damage. Damage is just a possibility, not a definite occurrence.

Some metals are even meant to be placed in the microwave, it depends on the type and the shape. My microwave, for instance, came with a metal rack that slides into the center. I think it depends partially on whether or not there are flat edges on the metal, which can cause sparks.

Bottom line, you're ok. Just don't make leaving metal in the microwave a habit. Technically it could short out or catch fire or otherwise start acting up. But you'll know if that happens.

I think another good idea would be to call the manufacturer and ask them if you want to double check.


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