While trying to clean my Misto, the nozzle came off. I pushed it back on, but it leaks and now I can't get any pressure when I pump. How do I replace the spray nozzle so it fits tightly?


If you can't get any pressure, it's something more than just the nozzle at the end of the tube ... it's something deeper in the mechanism (triggering the over-pressure release), or an issue with the gasket and threaded top.

Try turning your sprayer over for a few seconds, then back right-side up and pump to pressurize the sprayer quickly about 2x more than your typically would, to intentionally over-pressurize it. Then listen for a hiss, and look for anywhere that might have bubbling or other signs of a leak.

If it's in the gasket, you can try cranking down the plastic ring tighter, turning the gasket over, or replacing the gasket. If it's coming from somewhere else, you likely have to replace it.; they typically last 2-4 years (I've had some last longer, lots of people have reported failures after a few months, so read online reviews before picking a brand)

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