When I was preparing eggs at my uncle's house, since he was a techie, he insisted on blending the eggs in a miniature food processor as opposed to, say, beating them. Is there any advantage to this practice besides looking sophisticated?

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Using a food-processor to beat scrambled eggs is going to over-beat them. Over-beaten eggs will turn rubbery.

The American Egg Board describes well-beaten eggs as "frothy and evenly colored." This generally takes about 20 to 35 seconds of beating - do not over beat. You want to get them to a uniform color and texture with minimal amounts egg white showing. A fork works as well as a wire whisk but requires a slight bit more time and more energy. Use a bowl that is deep enough to support vigorous whisking. - What's Cooking America

To make the perfect French omelet, America's Test Kitchen counts (yes, at that even I rolled my eyes) precisely 80 turns of the whisk. The object being to thoroughly mix the eggs while allowing the curds to be creamy when formed. Over-mixing the eggs makes the curds dry and rubbery.

Tell your uncle that sophisticated cooks use a whisk or a fork. Once the eggs are in the pan, you can look really sophisticated by stirring with chopsticks.

  • Or don't tell your uncle anything and just make a mental not to not pick up his habits. :D
    – Preston
    Aug 20, 2014 at 15:28

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