What are the effects of salting a thin (1/4" to 1/2") beef steak right before being seared on a pan, compared to not salting at all?

(there are no other spices used, salt or nothing).

Does the exact method of preparation matter to the differences (e.g. searing almost-frozen steak vs. thawed out)?

Obviously, I'm interested in effects other than imparting salty flavor.

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Related answer to the question Is it okay to salt beef before or while cooking it?

TL;DR: Salting the steak right before searing does not noticeable affect the tenderness.

Concerning the (semi-) frozen or thawed steak: Is it bad to cook frozen meat without waiting it to be unfrozen?

Since your mentioned steak is quite thin I don't think the semi-frozen steak goes "bad".

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