My mango chantilly cake has fallen, due to too much water inside the plastic storage. Now, assuming that I don't have an oven what are the practical workarounds that I can try to fix the cake?

So far this are the things that I did:

  1. Removed all the water, but still the cake is watery and not good looking.
  2. I tried to put it in a rice cooker then while trying to pre-heat the rice I put the cake in a steamer then put it in the rice cooker, but it's still damp/soggy.

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If you have a stove: Put a pan on the stove and use low heat to "toast" your cake.
If you only have a rice cooker: The rice cooker is only for "wet-cooking" like cooking rice or steaming. I don't know whether toasting food in the rice cooker breaks the cooker. Therefore I don't know how to fix the cake then. :(

  • It is okay, at least we can have a way for fixing messed up cakes. :) Thanks a lot Ching Chong! Sep 16, 2014 at 23:50

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