I am making a corned beef with a glaze to be eaten next week. Is it better for me to freeze the meat + gravy together, or to freeze the meat in one container and the gravy in another?

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I use two containers when possible. The meat and the sauce usually thaw at different rates, so you end up w chunks of frozen meat embedded in thawed sauce. This can be messy to work with. Once frozen, it's OK to combine meat and sauce in a single container. Just separate when thawing.

  • Separate containers also preserve the "option" to use the meat without the sauce/gravy/glaze for an alternate dish.
    – Michael E.
    Sep 15, 2014 at 16:18

I find that when cooked meat is frozen separately it dries out quite a lot; it will still be moist after defrosting if it's submerged in its gravy as you freeze it.

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