Is there any available table of calories per food type which can be used directly?

I know there are several applications and websites, but everyone of them I found (including Google) only let you search for a specific food, or list a specific category.

I cannot find a simple list (database, Excel sheet, CSV, whatever) with all the information readily accessible, so that I could e.g. sort by calorie count, randomly pick ingredients for my next meal, or do whatever it pleases me.

I know most applications protect their data, but I was expecting to find at least a few available datasets.

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You can download the USDA list of nutrient information, which is quite extensive. I don't know the exact license, but being a publication of the US government, it might well be public domain, you'll have to research this. I assume it's at least OK for personal use, after all they let you download it. There are several formats available to choose from.


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