If you make cheese with starter culture and rennet is the whey that is a byproduct of this process safe to drink? I have heard from some that there does exist some who are fond of drinking this but I'm not sure if the whey from rennet is safe?


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Whey is an excellent source of protein and whey protein in particular is used in many body-building supplements.

Please see the excerpt below from FARMcurious .

Drink Up! – The acidic tang of whey may be a bit of an acquired tasted but I actually find it refreshing. Cultured whey has pro-biotics that can help balance the microflora in your gut as an extra bonus to the protein.

The web page gives a lot of information about whey and the many other uses for it as well as a great tip for storing.

Hope this helps!


Whey is an excellent element when making soup. I generally use it with home made stock. It adds complexity in a good way.

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