I bought a package of these Delverde "no-precooking" lasagna sheets and used half a dozen to make a lasagna. Now I've got nine sheets leftover—and I don't make lasagna that often.

How can I store these noodles for the long term? I keep most uncooked pasta in glass jars in my pantry, but what about these big sheets?

  • Wrap it tight with cling film, or leave it loose in the box. You're not going to have an issue I wouldn't have thought.
    – Doug
    Dec 13, 2014 at 21:51

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Anything airtight is fine. If the sheets will fit in a Ziploc, that would be perfect. Another option that would certainly be big enough is a bread bag, well sealed. If you still have the box the pasta came in, you can put the bag inside the box to give the pasta a small measure of protection against breakage.

I checked with Still Tasty and they didn't have anything to really add to that.

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