So much leftover chocolate truffle base that I better package nicely and get out of the house:

Is there some ratio or rule of thumb to spare me from experimenting on the right size and shape of bon bon to fit either a 3, 4 or 6" square foil? Closest answer I find is from foil ordering site stating 3" is for small, 4" medium size candy etc. Whatever that may mean.

Cube, ball or flat-bottomed egg are all fine by me; typically my portioning is not more than an inch thick.

Sorry if this post is more geometry than cooking but appearances count too

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Some basic math, assuming spherical candy and the type of foil that fits snugly w.o. twisting the ends (like thin aluminum foil):

  • 3" foil -> covers 0.95" candy w.o. overlap -> aim for scant 3/4" balls
  • 4" foil -> covers 1.27" candy w.o. overlap -> aim for 1" balls
  • 6" foil -> covers 1.91" candy w.o. overlap -> aim for 1.5" balls

I figured 3.14 for Pi would be precise enough, and the formula is:

circumference = diameter * Pi

For cubic candy:

circumference = 4 * side

For other blocks (or close enough, e.g. egg-shaped):

circumference 1 = 2* (height + lenght)
circumference 2 = 2* (height + width) -> use the bigger value for square foil

Of course, you'll want to have a foil slightly larger that the circumference, as you need some overlap - just add 1/4" - 1/2", depending on how precise you wrap.

  • If you are using the plasticy type of stiff foil that is to be twisted, add at least 1-2" per twist, up to 3" for a more "flashy" effect.
  • Thanks, that puts it in the ball park. Too much overlap looks sloppy so under 1/2" works. Looks like I'll be stocking up on 4" and a few 6" sqs
    – Pat Sommer
    Commented Jan 3, 2015 at 3:07

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