I love squash casserole, summer squash or zucchini. I notice when I use the zucchini, there seems to be a much greater water content and it makes it hard to set. The summer squash, although there seems to be less water content, still has a little. The recipe I use calls for boiling the squash first before making the mixture for the casserole.

Any suggestions on when boiling squash, how to reduce the water content? I suppose I could grill them instead? Are there any tricks to be known?

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I've roasted vegetables to address the same issue; it definitely works for eggplant and squash. All you have to do is spread them out over a baking sheet or two (if they're piled up the moisture won't escape as well) and roast at say 425F until they're mostly cooked, a bit shrunken down, and obviously not as wet.

Your idea of grilling should work fine too, just maybe a little more work. (...unless you speak British English so grill means broil in American English in which case, basically the same thing.)

The only other thing I can think of is salting it and leaving it out to dry on paper towels, but that sounds like a lot of effort, so unless you really want the squash still raw I'd just precook it.

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