My wok cooking has never turned out very well, which has been partially subpar equipment and partially lack of training and practice. I'm looking to get a wok to use with my induction cooktop, and need some guidance. I know it's better to be flat-bottomed for induction, but I don't understand the trade offs between tri-ply, cast iron, and carbon steel.

  • What are the differences regarding maintenance? Cleaning, seasoning, warping, etc.
  • How does it change the cooking experience? Heat up time, allowable/recommended temperatures, when to add oil, areas of the wok to use, better for one kind of recipe/oil or another, keeping food from sticking, other factors?

Basically, I'm trying to get the best results possible in the least time, but as a beginner in wok cooking, it's also important to me to minimize the probability of screwing it up.

  • I think you'll find it very difficult to use any sort of true wok on an induction range unless you have one of the special wok-shaped inductive surfaces. Only the section of the pan touching the induction surface will ever get very hot. You may honestly have better luck with a stand-alone electric wok... which will likely be less expensive than an induction friendly wok. – Catija Feb 1 '15 at 1:16

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