When I put strawberries onto a sponge covered in cream, how can I prevent the strawberries from discolouring the surrounding cream?

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I'd suggest 'sealing' the cut side of the strawberries by dipping them in gelatin (or a vegetarian alternative. Or you could use white chocolate.


When you cut a strawberry its moisture starts to seep out, you either seal the strawberries or you absorb the moisture. You could seal them as @ElendilTheTall suggests, which should work. Alternatively you could absorb the moisture by putting the cut strawberries on a towel and gently squeezing them a bit, and/or coating them with some powdered sugar.

  • GdD, absorbing the moisture could work, but I think the sugar could draw out more the strawberry juice
    – user28762
    Feb 3, 2015 at 12:20

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