I bought a 4 pound pork tenderloin and put it immediately in the freezer. It was there a week or so. Then I took it out and placed it on the counter Monday night to thaw. I don't have central heat and my internal thermometer hasn't gotten above 40-45 in days. I forgot about the tenderloin for about 20 hours. I was prescribed a medication that made me rather violently ill the last two days. When I remembered on Tuesday evening, I ran and grabbed it and threw it in the fridge. It was cool (like it had been in the fridge) to the touch. It was vacuum packed. I took it out today to roast after asking for advice in a group I am in. Everyone there said it would be fine. I even read that the door in a fridge can get up to 59 degrees, so food stored there spoils faster. I opened the roast and it had a slight smell. I rinsed it and there was zero smell. It is not slimy. It isn't stinky. Think it's okay to roast and eat?


Cryopacked pork (I am assuming that's the product you have) can stink when you open the package...apparently companies have lost a lot of money due to unnecessary returns of this product. If it was cryopacked, and the package's integrity remains unquestioned, AND if the smell is like eggs and that's your concern, well it's supposed to be safe...I however won't buy cryopacked pork again just because I don't want to second guess myself and wonder if I am going to make myself sick...

so as you can see, this is NOT a definitive answer really...

My answer is "it's supposed to be safe, but I still don't like it"

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