I have microwave oven, but I can't bake cakes and cookies in it. So I need an electric oven, but people are suggesting I buy a convection microwave to do both baking and normal microwaving. Will that work? Or do I really need to get an electric oven to bake?


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I've baked bread in a convection microwave with some succes. It's a far cry from what you can achieve with a good electric oven, but you can get some decent results. Certainly a poor to average microwave-sized electric oven will perform about the same as a decent convection microwave combination.

Just remember to turn the microwave funtion off entirely. I once accidentally microwaved a loaf instead of baking it, and I have never seen so much smoke in my apartment.

So if you're expecting to do a lot of baking, I'd ditch the microwave aspect and buy a good microwave-sized electric oven (the Rowenta OC7868 or the Breville BOV800XL are good options). Since your current microwave still works, I'd only go for a convection microwave if you absolutely only have room for a single microwave-sized appliance.

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