The bags of frozen mushrooms and okra that I just bought got mistakenly put into the refrigerator for a few days instead of frozen. I want to eat them now.

What's the problem with letting bagged veggies thaw and then eating them? Is there a danger of food poisoning?

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After a few days, they're almost certainly still safe. Most fresh vegetables will last a few days to a week in the refrigerator.

The quality might not be amazing, though. Frozen vegetables tend to get limp and soggy when they thaw; after a few days of being in the refrigerator, they might very well turn to mush once you cook them. But the chances of food poisoning are remote.

  • Thanks you Aaronut. The okra turned out ok; however, the mushrooms weren't too good. Still, the dish came together pretty well and I didn't get sick. Thanks for the speedy answer! Apr 13, 2015 at 14:18

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