Is it safe to prepare ginger garlic paste without peeling garlic skin ?? I always peel garlic which is a labourious and time taking process. I would like to know whether if it is ok to make paste without peeling skin of the garlic.


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I don't think that this would be unsafe, as you do see unpeeled garlic used in some applications, but it wouldn't be particularly pleasant and you probably wouldn't end up with a great paste. Garlic skins can be pretty tough and woody depending on the particular bulb; you'd probably end up with hard, fibrous bits in your paste.

If you're willing to accept this negative impact to the final texture, then I suppose you could try it. But as @Joe points out, you're better off working on an improved method of peeling your garlic, which will serve you well no matter what you're cooking.


If you use a garlic press such as this one, you don't have to peel the garlic (though you'll have less waste if you do).

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