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I seem to be unable to tolerate Parmesan cheese (not the processed "parmesan-flavored" cheese, but the real Italian Parmesan) - as a topping it makes me gag, and if included in a recipe either nauseates me or gives me a stomach ache. I have no trouble with Romano, Asiago, Auribella, etc. Just the Parmesan. What cheese (or combination of cheeses) could I substitute for Parmesan in most recipes and still get a good result? thanx much!

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  • Personally I love Romano and Asiago so I will use them over Parmesan whenever I can! I don't dislike Parmesan, just like the others better. You could easily use either or both of them. – Brooke May 20 '15 at 15:44

Pecorino Romano has a similar texture and umami, but slighly different flavor profile. It is used in many Italian dishes like Parmesan is used. You could also look for Grana Padano as a less complex substitute for Parm.

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