I made a no-oil sponge cake for a swiss roll. I filled it with fresh whipped cream and then stored the cake in the fridge. It has gone moldy within 4 days of filling it. Since filling it, it has been stored in the fridge. Why did it go moldy so quickly?

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    Did you cover the swiss-roll? The air in the fridge may contain spores. What temperature is your fridge at? – BaffledCook Jun 15 '15 at 15:00
  • I agree that some local spore source can make a huge amount of difference with this -- I've lived places where all kinds of things got blue mold very quickly, and places where bread, etc. left in the fridge for months ended up very stale, but mold free. How to get rid of it is another question, I don't think simply covering things will save you since they are inevitably uncovered at some point. Dropping the fridge temp a few degrees would probably help. – goldilocks Jun 15 '15 at 15:39

Not sure exact fridge temp and it was stored in a plastic rubbermaid covered container. but I think oil does have something to do with it since other cakes with butter such as pound cake does not grow moldy so quickly.


Oil acts as a preservative which slows down the growth of mould in the cake. Because you've removed a preservative, the bacteria grows at it's normal pace. Chilling it slows it down, but not as much as the oil would.

When I make bread I tend to put honey in it as this is a natural preservative and this works for me, gets another day out of the bread.

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    Sorry, but this answer has quite a few misconceptions. 1) Just because oil can preserve plant matter from aerobic organisms when it's submerged, it does not mean it acts as a preservative when used in a batter. 2) We don't have much bacterial growth in this case, the OP observed mold. 3) Oil wouldn't have slowed down bacterial growth in the cake at all (which is very low in a cake anyway) 4) you may get a day more of a honeyed bread softness wise, but not food safety wise. Most honeys are not bactericidal at the concentration used in bread. – rumtscho Jun 15 '15 at 14:03

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