I've recently moved into a new flat and the oven has very rusty iron hobs. I've bought some stainless steel hob covers to hopefully protect them and keep them clean (as I don't fancy cleaning a rusty iron block). But I was wondering if I could keep the covers on while cooking. I'm pretty sure the cover won't melt, and as it is steel should be nicely conductive. I don't care if the steel changes colour because of the heat because that's still better than the rusty hob.

So basically would it be safe to cook with the hob covers still on the hob?

The covers are just ASDA Hob Covers.

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    Gas? electric? How about a photo of the problem? – TFD Jul 19 '15 at 21:41
  • Just clean up the iron hobs. – Max Jul 20 '15 at 12:43

Those covers are only for cosmetic appearance, they are not a cooking surface. It is not safe to cook with hob covers on:

  • If you are using a gas hob the covers could block airflow and put the flame out. Gas gushing into your kitchen is a bad thing
  • The metal is way too thin to handle high heat, it will probably warp when heated, perhaps enough to tip a light pan off. You don't want pans of boiling water or hot oil shifting around

Even if it was safe you wouldn't get a better cooking result as you are blocking the transfer of heat from the source to the pan. You are better off removing them before cooking.

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