We recently moved to Indiana from Colorado. Our new house in Indiana has a water softener and I have read that soft water can cause Bunns to overflow. I have not read anything about how this is solved. I have pulled the nozzle and it was not clogged. Is it just a matter of getting a different nozzle? If so, what nozzle do I go with? Thanks.

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It's possible that the soft water is helping the coffee "bloom" (and eventually overflow past the top of the basket) more than when you were using harder/more mineralized water. All else held equal, there's a few things to try to solve the concern, as one or a combination of the following may work.


  1. ...reducing the amount of water you place in the tank, and expect smaller/less servings.
  2. ...putting in less coffee in the basket, balancing the risk of getting "watered-down" coffee (see #1 above).
  3. ...using/buying coarse ground coffee instead of the fine powder (for the reasons below)

Now if you grind the beans yourself, also try:

  1. ...using a burr grinder (instead of a blade-type) for more consistent coffee size, as the fines from using a blade grinder may be clogging your mesh/paper filter (not the nozzle!)
  2. ...grinding the coffee a little bit coarser to give more space for the water to run through.

Hope this helps.

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