I am making samosa (a triangular savoury pastry fried in ghee or oil, containing spiced vegetables or meat). To make outer cover I am making dough using the following:

  1. All purpose flour (100 gram)
  2. Ghee (25 gram)
  3. ajwain (carom).
  4. salt
  5. water

To fill the cover I am using potato filling. After deep frying samosas they are nice and crispy, but after some time they become soft. What can we do to make them crispy for a longer time?

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Allow the samosas to cool on a rack. If you put the warm samosas on a plate, moisture will build up and create steam. Steam makes fried foods soggy.

enter image description here


Samosa dough do become soggy after a while. I found out re-heating in the oven re-gain the crispiness.

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