What are some good resources for learning knife skills? Specifically, is there anywhere that I can see video demonstration of different slicing techniques and when those techniques are appropriate?

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Why bother paying for instruction or books. The best way to learn is watching a video and practicing.


Youtube has a great wealth of videos on knife skills. I'm more a visual learner. I like to see a video. A book are not going to help me squat.


Chowhound has a great wealth of knife skill videos.


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    Unfortunately, the Food Network videos are not available outside of the US - at least not in Denmark. Nov 7, 2014 at 10:17
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    The first four videos are all unavailable now (set to private). The Chowhound vidoes are decent, but how does anyone expect to learn a skill like this in videos 30 seconds in length? There is simply more to it.
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I really like the book "Knife skills Illustrated"; it is a bit annoying that it has left and right handed versions of everything, though.

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    Being a lefty, that would be right up my alley :)
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The Good Eats episode American Slicer was devoted entirely to knife usage.

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The absolute best way to pick this up is to do it with the help of an in-person instructor. It is a motor skill that is best learned by trial, error, and the emulation of experts.

Your local culinary institutes might offer courses or one-day workshops on various topics for the general public and cooking enthusiasts.

For instance, here's a place in Maryland that offers classes: L'Academie de Cuisine. I once gave my wife a gift certificate for their "knife skills" workshop. She can now chop circles around anyone who isn't a chef!

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Epicurious have some useful videos on knife skills, they can be found at:


Another interesting source is Rouxbe, they have a large number of cooking lesson videos online, which include knife skills. This site, however, requires a subscription:



Serious Eats has some videos and what not in their Knife Skills section.

The basic skills are covered in this article (slice, chop, rock chop). Other things to note include how to carve meats, how to cut herbs and tomatoes.

America's Test Kitchen is pretty good as well, since they go slow and show things visually though they often don't narrate their knife skills verbally.

I've also seen good material in Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course and Home Cooking, though he's a bit faster and less detailed. Some of the stuff is on his youtube channel.

Finally, I'd like to recommend Jaques Pepin's New Complete Techniques (though the original complete techniques is fine, the new one is in color). He's very careful in explaining how to do things.


Mastering Knife Skills: The Essential Guide to the Most Important Tools in Your Kitchen by Norman Weinstein is a great picture book demonstrating technique for specific fruits, vegetables, and meats.

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