Help I threw in carrot, potato, parsnip, turnip, leek and two ham stock cubes but I've ruined it by using to much water and I've already blended it. I would really hate to have to chuck it in the bin. Any suggestions on how to rescue the flavour and thickness? Added a little paprika and coriander earlier still very bland.


If too much water is the culprit, then its a simple matter of reducing the soup on the stove top. Just put it in a pot and boil it with the lid off(so the water escapes) until you reached a desired thickness and flavor.

  • Thanks jay I'll try that just now been awhile since I cooled from memory usually uae recipes – Kirstie Oct 28 '15 at 18:37

Thickness is actually easy to deal with (assuming you're trying to thicken it) :

  • Take a potato, peal it, then grate it. Add the grated potato to the soup, and let it cook 'til it breaks down fully.

... or you could use instant potato flakes.

For the blandness, if you have time, see an earlier question on the topic. If you need an immediate fix and don't want to wait for things to cook down, I find acid works best (a shot of vinegar or sherry, a squeeze of lime or lemon juice, or a dab of sour cream; exact type depends on the cuisine you're going for; add just before serving).

Also consider adding extra salt (possibly in the form of bullion) and pepper (any type -- crushed red, black, paprika).

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