I'm about to make Jamaican rice and peas, and I'm not quite sure if I want a long, medium, or short grain rice. What is traditional in the islands?

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I'm by no means an official source, but it looks like a long grain rice is used. This article shows an example made with Basmati rice, and links to this recipe, which calls for long grain rice.

  • I think this is probably correct; the more I think about it, there is a lot of (East) Indian influence in the islands (roti!) so I wouldn't be surprised if basmati varieties were popular there. Aug 30, 2010 at 20:15

I would say to use regular long grain rice. I don't think basmati would be appropriate, however, since it doesn't grow in the caribbean and so would probably be out of the price range of a gastronomic staple like peas 'n' rice.

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