I recently tried to make orange chicken and the recipe required the zest of one orange. Well I added too much zest and the orange peel flavor is overpowering. How can I reduce that flavor?

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    Can we assume the question is about fixing the leftovers? You could try building a new sauce around the protein (keeping what is on it as marinade), or turning the whole affair into a soup (often a way to salvage stir fried dishes), or maybe adding a lot of neutral vegetable filler (shredded napa cabbage, beansprouts,potatoes...from experience with similar over-oranged dishes: no shiitake or other sharp tasting ingredients!)... no guarantees there, depends on how overpowering the current condition is... – rackandboneman Nov 18 '15 at 1:17

rackandboneman has excellent suggestions. If I may add one more, I would suggest adding some fairly strong tastes to reduce the prominence of the orange. Some soy, garlic and honey would go a long way toward turning the orange into a passable teriyaki.

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