This is the second avocado from the same bag that is tough and rubbery. The pit won't come out without leaving a skin, and it won't peel out of it's skin without cutting the skin off. I made sure it was soft and was at room temperature before I cut it open. How can I de-rubberize them?


It's simply not ripe yet.

Don't buy avocados or any other fruit and vegetable in pre-packed bags, because you cannot tell what state they are in.

Buy from a local grocer whom you can trust, and therefore can get honest answers on the state of the produce.

Avocados are usually sold unripe for shipping reasons. Buy ahead of need, and let them ripen at room temperature (2 to 7 days). They will keep in the fridge if you need them later than that.

To recover a peeled unripe avocado, you can cube it, and then cook it in the microwave in short bursts to soften it. It's only good for salsa or sauce at that point though. One advantage of slightly cooking avocado is that the green colour becomes more intense; I suspect this explains the guacamole colour from many fast food vendors. :-)

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If it was transported in a chilled container or even at the store before it's ripe will cause only the skin to blacken even peeling away at the meat. I don't know who started telling people to freeze their avocados either. Refrigerated after ripening yes. You will ruin your avocado experience. My family grew avocados.. And yes also an early pic or a freeze will also do that . If your avo was smaller than norm then that was probably the deal picked early. The smooth avocados Fuertes do that alot.

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Why is it that the authority or the authorities on avocados will not tell you the truth? If avocados that you buy at the store have been picked too soon by the grower and the avocado has less than eight percent fat it will never ripen. If avocados that you buy at the store do not ripen return them because it's not something you did is because they were picked incorrectly with less than 8% fat. According to this video California law states that you cannot pick and sell avocados with less than 8% fat because they will never soften. Watch video https://youtu.be/whNYlkV-TMU

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  • There's no such thing as authority. Authority is a myth. The info about the 8% limit was interesting though. At $2 a pop, I will take them back. – Chloe Jul 26 '17 at 22:56

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