My oven is stuck at 350F. I need to cook a lasagna that requires 400F for 1:55 (one hour 55 minutes). I also need to cook a turkey at 375F for 4:30 (separately). How do I adjust since my oven is stuck at 350F?

The two means are back to back, not together.

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Turkey and lasagna are both fine at 350F (177C). For turkey, here's a guide at 350F.

From AllRecipes:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Take the turkey out to rest when the thickest part of the thigh registers 160F (71C). Carry over will bring it to 165F (74C). (Picture from Fine Cooking)

Your lasagna will be fine too, it just needs to cook a bit longer at 350F. Consider it done when it registers about 160F (71C)

You may get a bit less browning than is ideal. If you can use your broiler for a few minutes, either of your dishes may benefit from that.

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The turkey is going to be quite happy with the slightly lower temp - you will need a bit more time, but I'd guestimate 1/2 hour tops should be ok. This is another occasion to repeat our all important:

Use a thermomenter to determine doneness of your roast, not a timer!

The lasagna shouldn't be a problem either - I'm surprised at the long baking time anyway. Again, perhaps another 1/2 hour should be sufficient, if necessary at all.

Just note that at 350F / 175C your dishes might be browning a little less that you'd expect at 400F / 205C. Consider using the broiler when they are almost done to crisp them up a bit.


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