What is or what was a cocavello drink? Does someone know, what ingredients it contained and if it is still used (drinked) somewhere around the globe?

What I managed to find out so far is:

  1. Mentioned in part III of Polish Positivist novel "Nad Niemnem" (On the Niemen) and this cocavello can be "found" in the end of 19th century and somewhere on the Neman river or far east of Congress Poland (current western Belarus). Or, to be more precise: "is set in and around the Polish county of Grodno after the 1863 January Uprising".

  2. Mentioned as a drink similar or quite opposite to drinkable cacao (mentioned as: "She was drinking cocavello, because of her dislike toward cacao" or something similar -- I don't have access to English text of this book).

I haven't found any reference of this drink, neither here or actually anywhere (searching with Google). Can anyone shed some light or maybe recognize this drink under a different name?

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