I searched Google with the following keywords:

calories in 1 tbsp brown rice

The result was:

enter image description here

enter image description here

As you can see the calories, after cooking have severely reduced.

What can I do to maintain the default level of calories in cooked rice?

I am not talking about increasing calories by adding extra materials like oil. I wish to know some cooking method which does not destroy the calories so much.

Note: I do NOT throw any water during the process of cooking rice.

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I'm afraid you interpret the tables wrong. You aren't destroying calories, you are adding water (=0 cal) to the dry rice. As the rice absorbs the water, you are in fact measuring rice + water for cooked rice.

This is true for calorie tables that measure by volume (like here) and by weight.

If you are cooking your rice by boiling and straining, you are effectively losing a few calories due to the starch that gets drained with the water, but that's not what you asked here.


The difference is water. 1 TBS uncooked rice has 3 times the volume after it's cooked. No calories are lost.

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