I've received a Chinese new year cake, my question is how do I properly store it? Do I need to refrigerate it? Also, how long will it last assuming that I properly store it.

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I hope you ate the Nian gao cake already. If you are going to eat it in less than 10 days, just leave it in the fridge, tightly sealed in a ziplock bag. But for longer storage, say a month or so, you could wrap it in plastic wrap, then a paper towel, then inside a freezer bag. I would also cut up the cake so it is easier to defrost when you want to cook it. I would not eat it after about a month. I think that the texture would be too different after that. But best of luck.


It can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or on the counter for 1 day. Keep in mind to seal it up in a bag or container to prevent drying out. It should be divided before being frozen. You can pan-fry it without defrosting or defrost it in the refrigerator before eating it at room temperature.

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