A friend said that male beef is more expensive. I'm thinking she really means the difference in taste of different breeds or some other criteria that makes some beef more expensive. Is there a difference?

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    I thought most males were culled for veal or 'baby beef', so they didn't have to deal w/ mature bulls roaming around.
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    Commented Feb 12, 2016 at 17:50

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Per this link from MSU;

heifer carcasses had slightly more marbling than steer carcasses, but USDA quality grade was not significantly different.

So not enough of a quality / taste difference to bother with...

live heifers averaged $149.80 and steers averaged $149.70 per hundredweight

Apparently, heifers (female) are more expensive than steers (castrated male)... by 10 cents per hundred weight.

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