What is the slight pink color on white canned beans? I am concerned they may have spoiled and I should not use them.


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As outlined in the accepted answer of this Seasoned Advice question (Are these worms in my black eyed peas/beans?):

Beans and related plants have an embryo in their seeds. In white legumes, the embryo is a light pink color and looks indeed like a larva.

That's likely what you're seeing. I know I've used white beans that were pink-ish before, and nothing bad has ever happened (though I'm hardly an authoritative source). Biggest thing to check for in canned beans, as far as I know, is whether the can itself is swollen at all, and whether the beans/juice have an unusual smell.

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    +1 for: check for swollen can or unusual odor. Also, if the OP has experience with this variety of beans, and this batch seems "off" in color or other characteristics, I might not use them. But if the OP doesn't have a lot of experience with these beans, it's tough to know whether they are bad or not just from this brief description.
    – Athanasius
    Commented Feb 21, 2016 at 3:03

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