Is it better to use parchment paper when baking cream puffs so that the middle does not end up being wet and soggy?

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Yes to your title.

No to the question body.

I always use parchment when baking cream puffs. It is just to make the cream puffs not stick to the pan and cleanup easier.

It doesn't insulate enough to affect baking temperature and has no effect on the cream puffs being wet and soggy or not.


It's totally fine to bake on parchment, but it will not help the soggy issue.

-you may need to bake them longer, try a lower temp if the outside is over cooked but the inside is underdone.

-if they are good fresh out of the oven, but they become soggy later...remove from oven after baking. Poke a small hole and return to the oven off and with the door ajar. After they are cool, they should not get soggy. Fill and eat!!! :)

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