I am currently trying skyr, an Icelandic yoghurt/cheese. I am preparing this mostly with fruits, nuts and cereals. I would appreciate if anybody has a suggestion on how to make it more fluid in order to be used as basis for recipes with pasta, meat or fish.


Skyr is a milk-based product that is thickened with lactobacillae and similar bacteria and sometimes rennet. It falls in the same category as yogurt and quark.

For thinning, use either water or milk (possbly cream for a richer taste), the latter keeping a more "milky" taste. Wikipedia states:

In its traditional use, it was diluted with water when used as a beverage, or mixed with milk and crumbs of flat-bread as a quick meal.

If you want to use skyr for hot foods or sauces, be careful. Like yogurt it won't take heating too well and is likely to separate or curdle.

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