I have found that after 2 batches of chicken breasts, the fond is in the pan for enough time to start burning, so the third batch gets a little black and starts to taste burned.

Does it mean that I should deglaze or wash my pan every 2 batches to make sure I won't get a burned taste?

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I'd deglaze the pan after each pan and transfer the juices to a small bowl to make a sauce

I would wipe/clean (no soap) the pan after each batch.

After the last batch, transfer the bowl content and make a sauce with the last pan drippings and what you already have.

  • If you have a wooden spatula, and you have the water nearby, deglazing typically only takes 20-30 sec, even for larger pans. (as it has a wide contact area, so you can scrape the fond very quickly). It might take a minute or two for the temperature to recover, though, depending on your burner.
    – Joe
    Feb 29, 2016 at 14:25

Another option would be to use two or more pans, that way the fond would be nicely browned and usable for your sauce.

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