Why does fatty tuna cost more than lean tuna? Is it because some people think it tastes better?

Fatty Tuna (front) vs. Lean Tuna (back)

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    We don't address questions about "health" on this site. Is there a way you can ask this without inquiring about the health benefits?
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  • As an example, you should be fine asking something like "Does fatty tuna actually have more fat than regular tuna?" This is quantifiable and doesn't require us to judge whether it's "more healthy".
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Yes, the fatty part of the tuna is prized for its flavor, especially in Japan. They particularly like 'o-toro' tuna, so that drives the price up there and elsewhere.


Otoro represents a most enjoyable part of dining found in Japan, and a large number of bluefin tuna farmed all over the world land in typically the fish marketplaces linked to Japan, exactly where the o-toro will undoubtedly receive a more expensive price tag amongst sushi enthusiasts.

From Otoro.com

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