I'll be opening a fried pickle concession stand in the next year. I want to make my own pickles because I'll be cutting them a way you cant buy from a store. I am using a quick pickle method right now that is 100 percent vinegar (along with spices). I've noticed they fry better being cold. My problem is I won't have enough storage to refrigerate them all. I'll be storing them 5 gallon buckets. How long can I keep them out before they have to be cooled or used?

  • What spices? What flavoring agents?
    – Catija
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    Please do not use code formatting for text, without manual linebreaks it is virtually unreadable. Thanks.
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    @Stephie I have a feeling that this was an attempt to indent the paragraph that got caught up in markdown. Looks like the code used was the four-space code rather than the tick marks.
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  • Dill seed, mustard seed, pickling salt, tumeric. And I'm confused about what stephie said about the formatting of the text. Commented Apr 8, 2016 at 14:19
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When I make quick pickles, I leave them out for a few days (~3-5 days) to get sour before storing them in the fridge. I use a standard, diluted white vinegar solution for mine. If you're using 100% vinegar, you should be fine keeping them out for at least 3-5 days. Vinegar is very inhospitable to pathogens (just make sure that the pickles are completely submerged). Good luck!

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