I couldn't find anything within the first few pages of a Google search other than the fact that fettuccine al burro (it's original name) was named after it's creator Alfredo Di Lelio.


Scarface was the nickname of the early 20th century American organized crime boss, Al Capone. He was slashed in the face while working at a New York City nightclub. The injury left a scar that led to the nickname.

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Capone's parents immigrated from Italy, and it is said that he enjoyed eating Italian foods. The notoriety and name-recognition of Al Capone (a.k.a. Scarface) has resulted in it being chosen, in one form or another, as the name for many restaurants and pizza parlors over the years.

Naming a dish "Scarface Pasta" is but a natural extension of that line of marketing. It is however, merely someone's suggestion of what Al Capone might have ordered — something that sounds cute on a menu, but may actually be nothing more than spaghetti with sauce.

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