I left the cornflake bag open for too long that it is not crispy anymore. Still taste good, but I wonder what can I do with it.


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You can crisp them up again in a hot oven for a few minutes (exact temperature not too important, spread them out thinly on a baking sheet and take them out before they burn). I'd then go on to make a normal cornflake cake recipe of your liking straight away, to avoid having the same problem again.


Maybe see how it does in the food processor for corn flake crumbs. Possible uses could be meatballs or meat pies or anywhere else you would want a filler.


A nice thing might be cereal milk (made famous by Momofuku Milk Bar).

The cornflakes are toasted and steeped in milk with some brown sugar. Theres also cornflake crunch (both recipes are in the Milk Bar cookbook) -- clusters of toasted cornflakes with some sugar and milk powder and butter.


My solution is close to Chris H except i found this for myself

Take a bit of butter on a pan.

Main point is to use a butter (home butter at best), dont use natural or flower oils that can be bought in a store. That way corn flakes reach nice aroma which natural oils can not reach.

Heat the pan up . After butter gets melt add corn flakes and roast them 3-5min. Dont burn them. You will see that the cornflakes had now slightly different taste because of a butter.

Optionally add salt after you finish roasting.

Thing i should point out.

I have not tried this with "budget" corn flakes since they has different taste and structure against quality ones.


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