I'm out of coconut butter and am making fat bombs that call for coconut butter. I have plenty of cacao butter on hand. Can I use that instead? Thanks!

  • Not sure what a fat bomb is, but coconut fats is pretty much all saturated fat. Cocoa gives about 50% saturated fat. So, they have pretty different properties overall.
    – Batman
    Commented Jun 5, 2016 at 18:17

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Not knowing your recipe (but I did some general googling re. fat bombs in general), I'd say go for it.

The main differences are based on the higher melting point for cocoa butter, which can actually make storage easier. At the same temperature, the cocoa butter based treats will be firmer - again a matter of taste.

But: The coconut oil based fat bombs will probably give you a "cooling" mouthfeel, caused by a combination of high enthalpy of fusion and a melting point below body temperature, it's the key ingredient in "ice chocolate". Cocoa butter with a melting point around 30-38C / 86-100F will not do that.

The taste will differ a bit as both fats have their specific taste, in combination with other ingredients neither should be overpowering, though.


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