I have bough some chia seeds in bulk and when I add liquid their gel have a bitter, almost chemical taste. What does it mean (bad quality? stale?) and how can I get rid of it (if that's safe)?


This might be the reason that last bunch were nasty bitter: they can go rancid. I smelled them: OFF! http://www.chiaseedspot.com/do-chia-seeds-go-rancid/

I purchased from bulk and consumed just now. Yuck!!! I've NEVER had chia with any bitter chemical taste before, and now I must discard a big bag of it bought at a Smart & Final' Superstore's bulk section, on sale at a good price, but sold at 1/2 the normal price because being so substandard in truth. Wish I had tasted it first, because I didn't save the receipt. :(

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