I recently bought a Good Cook brand sheet cake pan, not realizing that it was nonstick. I'm was wondering what kind of nonstick coating it had, since the only coatings I know of are ceramic and teflon, and I usually expect to see a darker color on teflon pans.

A light gray sheet cake pan

What kind of nonstick coating does this pan have?

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It is simply teflon. It can be colored in any color, but the lighter colors will darken with overheating, so it is convenient to coat a pan in an "overheated" color from the beginning. The manufacturer here chose to use a different color.

  • That's really interesting, but I guess it explains why teflon is almost always black. Do you have any source that suggests that it's used in this type of pan, or are you inferring?
    – Tablesalt
    Jun 29, 2016 at 0:49

The "brand" seems remarkably shy - no website could be found for them, and no vendor admits what the non-stick coating actually is in this case.

It appears (via internet picture) visually similar to the coating on "Bakers Secret" which is a silicone coating on steel. That works for a while, longer if you are careful to wash it promptly. But without a vendor site admitting to the actual construction, there's no way to tell what it is.

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